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In recent years, Dickies has introduced innovative designs to their jean collection to provide the perfect balance between work and leisure. They come in several styles and fits, ranging from Carpenter jeans to loose fit to denim jeans in regular fit. The most important thing is that they are durable, comfortable and also come in a variety of flexible materials. Of course you can choose from a range of classic blue tones and find a black pair, if you have a need for it. Here you can also find denim jeans from Dickies Heritage collection - which are jeans made of White Oak denim fabric and produced on looms all the way from the 40s. In short, here is something for everyone.

Denim has been a part of Dickies range since the very beginning

Dickies experienced a steady growth already during the early years, as the construction and farm workers came in herds after hearing about the applicability of Dickies overalls in the harshest work environments. As the United States entered World War II, Dickies became part of it as well, by producing millions of uniforms for the U.S. Armed Forces using a lighter material which simultaneously had the same durability as the military's old wool uniforms.

As the post-war economy boomed, Williamson-Dickie began an expansion strategy, establishing new production facilities, warehouses, and sales areas throughout the United States. By the 1950s, Dickies had already established itself as a favourite work clothing brand among American oil workers when the oil companies sent them to the new oil fields in the Middle East, where oil workers took their Dickie clothes with them. And thus Williamson-Dickie entered the international market. Furthermore the expansion across Europe followed soon after and Dickies became a global reference for durable workwear.

Follow the James Dean way

During the 1950s, James Deans' style became a symbol of youth rebellion and social anarchy. His effortless clothing style, which he wore both on and off the movie screen, is a big part of the reason why he is such a cultural icon today. His unbelievable death at the age of 24 has immortalised him and his youthful style - an outfit that is fortunately comfortable and looks good.

The way Dean look with a white T-shirt and jeans, has now become the style choice for men all over the world. Jump into some black Dr. Martens shoes or a pair of high-top sneakers to finish off your Dean look with every cool little detail.

Denim is a classic feature in every wardrobe

Dickies has been making quality workwear since 1922 and Denim has been a part of the Dickies collection since the beginning, in one way or another. Dickies offers a wide range of workwear to suit as many needs as possible and denim jeans are a major player in this spectrum.

Among all Dickies jeans, you will find regular, relaxed and light fit options. The best known work jeans for men are Dickies Carpenter Jeans sharply followed by a regular fitted blue jean. For example, people have been using Dickies Relaxed Fit Carpenter Jeans for decades now and it is difficult to find other jeans on the market that are as durable and as comfortable, and still a hit that both craftsmen and office workers desire. These popular jeans are built to last. Within denim manufacturers, Dickies is a brand for workers all over the world.