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873 Work Pant

Dickies 873 Work Pant for men

Dickies is one of the best-selling workwear brands ever. Their work pants are actually the bestselling in the US. Of course, this also applies to their 873 work pants. Dickies 873 work pant is a further development of their classic work pants, 874. The 873’s legs are a bit more slim fit, and it gives the pants a more classic and stylish look than you get with the 874 model. However, the unmatched comfort and solid quality are the same in both versions, and if you want pants that really shine on these counts, then Dickies 873 work pants is a great investment. The pants can be styled in a variety of ways, and no matter your style, you'll appreciate these sturdy Dickies pants. You will find 873 in a myriad of colors below.