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StreetToWear - Largest Dickies shop in Scandinavia

The Story of Dickies - The Williamson Dickie Company

Dickies started production in 1922 and has since become the incarnation of the American Workwear tradition. Dickies is a no-nonsense brand who focuses on uncompromised quality at affordable prices.

The workwear tradition at Dickies is so strong that to this day, it is still possible to buy their first and classic product, the Dickies Bib overalls. The Williamson Dickie Company initially wanted to develop new products for their dedicated users and was responsive to what they were demanding in terms of needs and requirements for their workwear.

Nowadays, it is not only workers and farmers who benefit from the great workwear quality that Dickies guarantees. Skaters, Custom Culture folks, Rockabillies, and streetwear lovers have all adopted Dickies and carry on the attitude and style of clothing, so Dickies today is more than just a clothing brand. Dickies still listens to the wishes of its users, which is clearly seen with the latest collections such as, the traditional and authentic; Heritage Collection and the skaters’ own; 67 Collection.

But one thing is certain! Even after close to a hundred years, Dickies remain the preferred choice among dedicated fans - ranging from workers to skaters who all demand durability and functionality, and the timeless style that Dickies provides.

StreetToWear - Our ambitions

Although Dickies started as a clothing brand for workers, wearing Dickies clothing has become a statement driven by subcultures around the world. Dickies has become so much more than just clothes. StreetToWear wants to showcase the genuine Dickies attitude, by honoring the subcultural Dickies currents through our online shop and on social media.

We created StreetToWear until now it has not been possible to find all styles, sizes, and colors when shopping for Dickies clothing, both online and in physical stores. We want to offer the largest and best selection of Dickies clothing in Europe!